Digilytics AI wins Product of the Year 2020
Diversity in Finance Award

Digilytics AI recently won Diversity in Finance Award for Product of the Year Category 2020. The virtual event was hosted on 2nd September 2020, in association with MetLife UK.

Our product, DigilyticsTM RevEL is particularly suited for specialist lending, which offers mortgages and other secured loans to customers with diverse backgrounds. We have seen, borrowers with non-standard incomes and inadequate credit history struggle to get loans from high street lenders and go to specialist lenders. Our product helps specialist lenders so that it becomes easier for them to get loans. 

We aim to deliver AI-enabled business solutions – smarter, faster, and cheaper to the mortgage and specialist lenders so that they can help people and reduce their struggle to qualify for a loan.

We are delighted that our commitment towards diversity and inclusion, has been recognized.

Digilytics AI Featured on Financial Adviser Magazine


We congratulate all the winners, for showcasing some of the best initiatives and campaigns over the past 12 months in the field diversity and inclusion in financial services.

List of Winners on FT Adviser


About Digilytics AI

Digilytics AI is deeply rooted in leveraging disruptive technology to drive profitable business growth. We at Digilytics™ are change-makers who enjoy challenging the status quo and disrupting the industry with our authenticity and innovation. We are freethinkers, optimists, committed can-doers, analytical and loyal to our clients and colleagues.

Founded by Arindom Basu, DigiliyticsTM is a leading provider of easy to use AI solutions, headquartered in London, UK with presence across the United States, and India.

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