Listen to our Podcast on Intelligent Digital

Join Arindom Basu, CEO Digilytics AI in an upcoming podcast on Intelligent Digital with Chris Heffer, Head of Growth Strategy at LexisClick Growth Consultancy.

In this podcast, Arindom and Chris discuss:
> The future of AI for customers and their money
> Transitioning to a product led business model
> The challenges of scaling a business

About the Panelists

Arindom Basu, CEO Digilytics AI

CEO and Founder at Digilytics AI. Experienced technology disruptor with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services and consumer industry sectors. Entrepreneur with a degree in computer sciences and management, Arindom has spent almost 30 years witnessing technology evolution through crisis times.

Chris Heffer, Head of Strategy at LexisClick Growth Consultancy

Chris is head of strategy at LexisClick Growth Consultancy. He helps companies with high value repeat customers to build a pipeline of their ideal customers on a revenue share basis.

Listeners can look forward to :

  • What does the future look like for your ideal customers?
  • How intelligent digital can be leveraged in the Covid Crisis?
  • What technology wave we can expect as a result of human insight with technology innovation?
  • In this uncertain world, death, taxes and technology seem to be the only certainties. And in a post-COVID-19 world, businesses will have to leverage technology innovation to survive and recover.

    We at Digilytics are at the forefront of getting this rolling leveraging AI technology. Intelligent Digital is now a reality!