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Webinar: The Intelligent Affordability Service

The webinar has ended. Watch the recording below.

Streamlining the lending process through income and expense verification been cited by many, across the mortgage industry. As the global economy advances to recuperate from a disastrous pandemic - dominated 2020, there is an uptick in government borrowing in these uncertain times.

Lenders tend to spend long hours filling out an application and gathering documents in their mortgage process, significantly putting a massive pressure on origination teams to digitise and improve lending efficiency.

Assessing an individual’s ability to afford a product or service, both at the point of application and throughout their relationship is continuously evolving in this fast-changing environment.

With increased regulatory attention, assessing affordability is the key challenge. Indebtedness levels remaining high and for many consumers suffering from an unprecedented squeeze on disposable income, a robust affordability assessment is an increasingly crucial aspect.

Mortgages require greater automation in the origination process, such that affordability and Income can be assessed without the need for manual intervention. Human sight can look at dealing with the exceptions that may arise.

The webinar aims to bring together leaders from the industry to examine the benefits of intelligent affordability service. Register for this free webinar on "The Intelligent Affordability Service ".

Attendees can look forward to :

  • How intelligent affordability trends will influence lending in global economies?
  • What are the top benefits of adopting an intelligent affordability service in mortgage origination?
  • What will be the impact on lending over the next 2-5 years?
  • What role would AI technology play in implementing these affordability strategies?
  • Affordability services is one of the most manual and time-consuming elements of loan origination. The emergence of AI technology and digital data feeds presents a tremendous opportunity to leverage intelligent digital to improve the efficiency and accuracy of income and expense verification.

    About the Panelists

    Emma Steeley, CEO, AccountScore

    Emma has spent the last 15 years of her career working in senior executive positions within the ever-changing industry of the consumer finance sector. During her various tenures, she has demonstrated enormous success, always leading with a clear vision and an instinctive, savvy intellect. Joining AccountScore at its very inception in 2016, Emma has catapulted the company from strength to strength. She was responsible for several highly successful initiatives, including AccountScore’s partnership with Equifax; its implementation for HSBC, bringing new innovative products to market and its geographical expansion into the USA and India. It is with the extensive experience of the finance and technology sectors and an innate passion for the benefits of Open Banking as a Service (OBaaS®) that she continues to consolidate the market-leading position under her seasoned leadership.

    David Robinson, Director, No47 Consultancy Ltd

    A financial services senior leader with over 25 years’ experience in UK Residential, BTL and Specialist Mortgages distribution, providing consultancy and advisory services in the UK Intermediary Mortgage Market supporting start-ups / Fintechs, and a wide range of clients in the mortgage intermediary sector. He has extensive experience in intermediary distribution strategy, sales performance management and strategy, marketing, proposition development and a detailed understanding of the UK mortgage market. He has deep expertise of the regulatory framework, FCA and PRA authorisation and regulation of mortgage lenders. David has represented lenders with trade bodies, media, and regulators over many years. He also has a strong leadership, presentation, and people management skills, approved under the SMCR.

    Madhav Soundalgekar, Chief Digital Officer at Decimal Factor

    An experienced professional in the financial services technology and consulting sector with expertise in Business Strategy & Execution, Business Development, Account and Portfolio Management. Expertise in requirements analysis, solution architecture, product development and process innovation.
    Madhav has extensive knowledge in commercial banking, Payments and Liquidity management, retail banking Payments & Channel Integration, Credit assessment & underwriting and regulatory reporting.

    Arindom Basu, CEO at Digilytics AI

    CEO and Founder at Digilytics AI. Experienced technology disruptor with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services and consumer industry sectors. Entrepreneur with a degree in computer sciences and management, Arindom has spent almost 30 years witnessing technology evolution through crisis times.