Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Success

Building a partner ecosystem gives a firm competitive advantage and new ways to venture into different opportunities. There has been a significant shift in strategic thinking in why a technology company should either join an ecosystem or build its own. We at Digilytics have a unique approach towards building a partner ecosystem.

Digilytics approach

We are customer-centric. Our approach is solely based on the requirements of our clients. We have initiated multiple strategic partnerships for the benefit of the mortgage industry.

At present, many lenders have manual operations in their current LOS (Loan Origination System) or POS (Point of Sale) that does not solve their problem completely, specifically for an underwriter as they still have to do a lot of manual processing with multiple back and forth between the borrower, broker and lender. There is a need for a strong tool like RevEl Application to plug that gap and get the application First Time Right to the Underwriter.

Partners currently have a partial solution to the Underwriters problem, below are some samples:

  • They do not have a product currently to address the problem, however, they may be providing services or solutions in this domain
  • They have a product that sits in one or more areas of the Sell, Buy, Service cycle but not all areas
  • They have a LOS/ POS, however no tool for first time right application

By plugging on to/ integrating with their existing solutions/ services, we can create a great revenue-generating value proposition.

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We have a wide number of strategic partnership with many leading firms in the UK and USA.

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