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  • RevUP by Digilytics is a product that uses AI to help sales and revenue managers to generate more revenue in their aftermarket business. The product helps UK Automotive Aftermarket with an AI-powered revenue management platform, which optimizes the revenue performance of aftermarket businesses.
  • UK Automotive Aftermarket companies around the world are making a lot of money. The industry has been estimated to be worth $2 trillion and growing fast. The future of business in the UK Automotive Aftermarket is far from the black and white of the past, it is an infinite number of shades of grey.
  • View our product datasheet to see how RevUP can help boost revenue growth by up to 10x, saving auto aftermarket companies 5%-10% on their annual marketing spend.
  • Maximize customer retention, increase average order value, reduce churn, improve upsell and cross-sell, improve customer experience.
  • RevUP is a revenue growth management tool that helps companies grow revenue significantly. RevUP provides insights and recommendations based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These insights and recommendations are used by the top auto aftermarket players to deliver real-time, personalized offers to their customers.
  • With a single click, RevUP enables auto dealers to scale their personalization efforts and increase their revenue. The platform is secure, cloud-based, and easy to use. The platform is used by many auto aftermarket companies in the India and United States.
  • RevUP provides insights and recommendations to help sales managers and sales reps sell more.
  • It is a complete sales growth management tool that helps you keep track of your sales pipeline, manage the sales cycle and forecast your results.
  • It helps you improve your performance by providing sales insights and recommendations, as well as an in-depth analysis of your existing sales processes.
  • The product is designed for managing sales and implemented in cooperation with some of the world’s most renowned auto aftermarket companies.
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