Makes it easier to deploy, maintain and recalibrate AI models across the enterprise. DigiMod makes learning models explainable and drives intelligence into transaction and decision support systems to enhance their assistive capability. It does this by providing real-time insights and recommendations and making business operations transactions intelligent and more effective.

  • GUI-based interface to deploy models using REST APIs
  • Maintain meta data on deployed models

Manage model versions across multiple deployments

Monitor model performance of deployed models
Trigger notifications for recalibration

A seamless cloud-based loan origination system providing real-time insights and recommendations and making business operations transactions intelligent and more effective.

DigiMod enables classification and provides decision support in an explainable manner (Xplainable AI)

  • Explainable AI report
  • Reports which explains the model results to non-Data Scientists.
    Eg: parameters that effect the model output

  • Optimize and control
  • Model performance tracking, debug detectors, and easy implementation of hyperparameter optimization.
    Eg: XXX

  • Model inventory
  • Manage model versions and continuously evolving “model offspring”.
    Eg: Managing multiple model versions recognizing new documents

  • Embedded into Workspaces
  • Easily integrated with transactional systems
    Integrate-able with commonly used systems such as CRM and Payment systems

  • Role Based Access
  • Advanced role based for model management
    Integrated with role-based access for Oculyse and VisCon

Intelligent Digital Learning Modules

Intelligent Digital is the ability to align business understanding with technology innovation and human insight to solve important business problems. An intelligent digital platform leverages digital connectivity, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to create a connected ecosystem.

Intelligent Digital = Digital capability + Easy to use AI

1. Underwriters can save time on repeated, redundant, and mundane manual tasks like printing, physical transfer of files, piling up of files/cases with AI enabled data capture and entry into origination system.  

2. Automated decisioning support for Accelerated cases and search on underwriter notes reduces the time and fosters quick decision making. 

3. Achieve granular visibility of case status and bottlenecks with a near real-time visibility of status to customer / intermediary. Real-time SLA monitoring, predictive alerts on SLA breaches document expiry and load balancing capability based on underwriter workload. 

4. Integrates with the transaction systems and can be easily used by underwriters with minimal training. 

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