An AI extension to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMs) – that enhances business process by adding intelligence and improves process efficiency by providing access to AI enabled analytics and automation capabilities. Oculyse, is an integrated IDC tool which can handle different levels of integration, types of data and highly complex processes.

Read and classify document scans

Non-Standard document layouts

User driven classification

Combine with non-document data

Single consolidated case file

Auto verify documents

Automatically verify standard documents

Manual verification option

Compare multiple images

Conduct multi verification in parallel

Abolish manual input of document data

Accurate field level data extraction

Automated checks

Search and query extracted data

Manually annotate processed documents

Integrate with any transaction system

AI plugin transaction systems (LOS, CRM)

Standard plugin for MS Dynamics and Salesforce CRM

Document Upload
Document Split
AI Based Text Recognition
ML Based Auto Classification
Final Review
RevEI Application

A platform for processing, managing and generating insights from e-documents. AI enabled analytics with Artificial Intelligence Dashboard.


  • Intuitive and Efficient User Experience
  • Can facilitate concurrent document viewing across multiple documents with Artificial Intelligence Dashboard

    Eg: signature comparisons, select & share options directly from cases, drag & drop feature to support page(s) movements across documents & ability to verify documents.

  • Data Validation
  • Checks if the information added is valid and consistent with host systems such as vendor/client names, product details, etc.

  • Configurable Indexed Classification
  • Easily configurable file storage templates catering to applications across various industries

  • Annotation
  • Enabling annotations, markers and highlight on the pages of a document. Annotated data further fed for contextual data extraction.

  • AI based recognition & ML based classification
  • Artificial Intelligence Dashboard combined with Optical character recognition technique is utilized to recognize text on individual pages to identify the content. Machine Learning technology is used to auto classify pages into relevant documents as per a pre- defined file order.

  • Centralized Repository
  • Allows complete control, audit compliance & provides a single source of truth for all documents produced or received across organisation. Document versioning & duplication can be managed easily across the module.

  • Smart Checklist
  • Automated checklists and workflows to assist users for mandatory checks.

  • Configurable Role Based Access
  • Provides an additional layer of configurability in defining roles and access to documents with proper audit control mechanisms for shared and simultaneous access to sensitive data.

  • Data Extraction & Indexing
  • Seamless and quick data extraction and auto population from documents, emails and other sources.

  • Integration with transactional systems
  • Expands the possibilities & improves the customer experience by having the ability to seamlessly integrate with not only document mailing and archiving solutions but also with transactional systems.

  • Document Comparison
  • Simultaneous view and comparison of multiple documents and duplicate versions of the same document to look for any ambiguity or anomaly in the data.

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