Provides businesses with consumer grade experience of consuming insights generated on the Digilytics platform leveraging visual and conversational (both text and voice) techniques that can be shared across discussion forums and groups.

An interactive visual & conversational user interface for consuming insights
Dashboards: Real-time & predictive reports
Chatbots: Adhoc query with text & voice
An Interactive & collaborative medium with a default discussion forum & integrated with other communication

Keep only the current most used metrics & charts on your dashboard; For all adhoc queries like comparisons, top N, bottom N and any other question that comes to mind while looking at your dashboard, just ask our AI chat assistant Osler

Reduce the effort required to sieve through multiple analysis to derive the most relevant insights; AI chat assistant Osler can run through the different analysis to present the important actionable ones

Get updates on key metrics, trends and important insights on the data and business directly through VisCon; without the hassle of pouring over multiple daily pre-configured reports

Reduce the number of steps and systems required to go through to share an insight and make it actionable. Viscon has the capability to send over an actionable insight to your relevant peer via mail or skype

Maintain all insights discovered through self-exploration and analysis in one place for future reference and as context for all relevant peers with access to the dataset

  • Embedded, Visual and Conversational Analytics
  • A host of features aimed to assist business users to easily consume insights through a visual & conversational interface:

  • Visual Dashboards
  • Interactive visualizations using graphs, charts and relevant filters giving the user, real time visibility of the case status.

  • Ask Osler?
  • Inbuilt chatbot to answer complex artificial intelligence queries, configure chat intents & ML models to improve the chat output performance.

  • Community Engagement
  • Share insights & comments along with relevant reports to colleagues & management to engage in insight analysis discussion & near real time collaboration of insights.

  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Real time notifications on pending cases and missing documents. Further analysis is done to roll out predictive alerts on SLA breaches and doc expiry.

  • Embedded into Workspaces
  • Easily integrated with transactional systems.
    Also, Integrateable with commonly used systems such as CRM and LOS systems.

  • Role Based Access
  • Activity based advanced role- based access to manage data security along with intent to user mapping to ensure secure & restricted user access to relevant dashboards.

    Artificial Intelligence focuses on digitization, automation and customer experience to achieve seamless multi-channel borrower experience, accelerate time to offer through digitization and reduce dependency on manual operations.

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