Why Digilytics RevEL for Financial Services?


Creates a unique mortgage service proposition driving market share growth


Minimal upfront investment, available on secure SaaS platform


Plug and play bolt-on product, no need to replace current mortgage systems

In the ever-changing landscape of the Mortgage Lending UK Market, the Gross lending doubled in last decade with limited product innovation, but net lending is still low.

The current origination process across lenders in the mortgage industry is lengthy and frustrating. The typical lending process in the mortgage industry requires around 40% manual intervention, with multiple weeks as an average time to offer (from start to finish). With high time to offer, frequent cancellations, revenue leakage, poor colleague-broker-customer experience and high manual errors, the mortgage lending process is cumbersome.

To streamline and make this entire process smooth, introducing DigiliyticsTM RevEl for Mortgage Lending UK

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Digilytics AI launches to UK market to provide ‘first time right’ mortgage applications
Fintech company Digilytics has entered the UK mortgage market by partnering with lenders Together Money and Decimal Factor ... READ MORE Twitter

RevEL for Financial Services

Delivers significant productivity improvement and efficiency benefits

Easy to trust product with transparent performance and explainability reports

Easy to use product with consumer-grade user interface

AI technology combining Computer Vision, NLP and Machine Learning

What is first time right application?

Proven solution for mortgage lenders


DigiliyticsTM RevEL for financial services is first of its kind, easy to use AI product for revenue growth, built on the most advanced AI technology, making the lending experience seamless. It reduces time to offer for mortgage lenders. The product can be launched from an existing loan origination system, with bulk document upload and document classification into configured file structure. This reduces non-value manual tasks, augments decision making by providing granular visibility.

DigiliyticsTM RevEL has the capability to extract data from the document and map it onto relevant fields of Loan Origination System, perform data validation and annotation check on the documents. RevEl for financial services improves the broker/customer experience, accuracy, increases colleague’s productivity, reduces cancellations, and increases repeats.

With Document comparison view, case risk score with label of standard/accelerated case and document pending alerts, RevEl for financial services helps you predict service level agreement breaches specifically catering to the Mortgage Lending UK Industry.

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