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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning mortgage to revolutionize the mortgage industry.

How Do Banks Augment Open Banking?

How Do Banks Augment Open Banking?

As of the end of 2020, 24.7 million people worldwide use open banking. The estimated growth rate is at a whopping 50% between 2020 to 2024.

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Revolutionise Mortgage Document Classification with Digilytics AI

The United Kingdom's (UK) mortgage market reached 1.66 trillion euros of outstanding residential mortgage lending in the fourth quarter of 2020, leading all the other European countries.

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A seamless cloud-based loan origination system providing real-time insights and recommendations and making business operations transactions intelligent and more effective.

DigiMod enables classification and provides decision support in an explainable manner (Xplainable AI)

  • Smart Data Capture:
  • Recognize over 400 origination and closing documents
    Extract business critical data from different origination and closing documents
    Collect documents from various sources
    Improve document clarity, extraction, and accuracy with machine learning mortgage documents

Mortgage Solutions
Digilytics AI launches to UK market to provide ‘first time right’ mortgage applications
Fintech company Digilytics has entered the UK mortgage market by partnering with lenders Together Money and Decimal Factor ... READ MORE twitter

  • Intelligent case verification
  • Reduce TTO and TTF
    Intelligently automate the verification process
    Verify documents from multiple sources
    Ensure fulfilment of minimum requirements for application to proceed

  • Automated underwriting
  • Underwriters able to identify low risk /accelerated cases (Machine learning mortgage based REM module)
    Accelerated cases need minimal effort to underwrite
    Reduce underwriting time for cases
    Automated underwriting journey with predefined workflow

  • Granular visibility
  • Quick and easy collaboration for teams and managers
    Accessible, storage and retrieval of information without referring to multiple systems
    Resource and task allocation backed by machine learning mortgage data
    Monitor team’s performance by tracking KPIs/SLAs

Digilytics Advantage

  • Delivers Lower Cost of Origination; Faster Time-to-Cash, Frictionless Secure Digital Origination, and Intelligent auditable paperless operations
  • Breakthrough AI technology combining computer vision, NLP and machine learning
  • Easy to trust product: Transparent performance and Explainability reports
  • Minimal upfront investment: available on secure SaaS platform