All about One-shot Learning AI technology and its impact on the UK Mortgage Market

Digilytics RevEL is proven and live at multiple UK lenders, supported by Innovate UK, and is an award-winning AI product that obviates origination bottlenecks.

One-shot Learning AI technology with UK-wide coverage enables industry-wide adoption and is all about technology superiority for accuracy, learning, and speed. It combines text, layout, and images with over 7bn mortgage-specific tokens. 

This superior technology is minimizing training effort using a Hybrid Model combining deep neural networks with rule-based approaches for 95%+ accuracy. It also comprises open Banking and other 3rd Party Integrations.

First of its kind ground-breaking technology comprises of multiple features like

  • One-touch underwriting and One-day manufacturing.
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant
  • Intelligent Affordability Service
  • First Time Right Applications
  • Glass-pipe Tracking
  • Intelligent Allocation
Advantages of One-shot Learning AI technology by Digilytics

  • First-Time Right (FTR) application delivers machine-driven assistance before submission.
  • Real-Time health check of data with Consistency validations, Correctness validations, and Completeness validations.
  • The flexibility of upload through Online channels (POS/Mobile) and Offline Channels (Emails/Posts)
  • Save on SLAs by Instant visibility of errors, Reduction of human-led admin, and assistance.
  • Case auto packaged and ready for Underwriting

Services offered are:

  • Digital Document Upload like Cross channel capability for lenders through E-mail/online uploads, Structured/unstructured pdf/images.
  • Third-party data feed through Open Banking, HMRC, Payroll packages, and Accounting packages
  • Accuracy - Highly accurate (90% SLA) machine-assisted extraction and validation
  • Pre-trained on 100+ mortgage docs
  • Pre-processing support and learning UX to improve accuracies.
  • Richly categorized and highly accurate transaction data
  • Account for multiple applicants
  • Judgment-based Decisions
  • I&E Data Services like Auto-population of POS/LOS
  • Best-in-class I&E analytics
  • FCA compliant income, and affordability analytics
  • Customizable dashboard for audit and manual decision making.

The product leverages extensive Data science and machine learning capabilities that have a transformational effect on the UK mortgage market.

It has a wide functional coverage that covers the entire mortgage origination journey instead of point solutions

It has the most advanced validation engine for completeness, correctness, and consistency checks.

One-shot learning for data extraction plus 3rd Party Integration with the widest range of 3rd Party providers of Origination related data, such as Open Banking.

It is modular and is easy to implement, which can be bolted onto any POS / LOS / LMS.

RevEL is customer centric that understands the customer preferences and creates a personalized strategy.

With Pre-built Explainable AI reports, it has a Persona-centric design and a strong business case that focuses on automating the highest value-adding tasks.

Technical Value

AI technology comprises state-of-the-art, future-proof technology to facilitate document processing capabilities to reduce the manual processing time by 60% and a learning UI to improve the capabilities over time.

It provides modular but integrated solutions for individual business lines such as consumer finance and mortgages that can be deployed independently of each other into the environment

If more than one of these business lines is installed, they work in an integrated manner, straight out of the box.

It has product flexibility on this self-service platform with configurable capabilities.

The solutions offered by the functions of Digilytics entail a full suite of capabilities catering to analytics-driven case assignment, glass-pipe tracking with SLAs, and intelligent digital processing of documentation to facilitate AI techniques to support human relationships.


One-shot Learning AI technology provides the best consumer experience. The Digilytics manufactured journey is fast, easy, and seamless.

The process of submitting an acceptable application with correct documentation about mortgages can be strenuous.

Digilytics assisted applications within the mortgage origination process are error-free and convenient.

Competitiveness is driven by the cost of operations. With Digilytics RevEl, the costs within Artificial Intelligence Mortgage Industry are at least 30% lower.

Digilytics has successfully pioneered Lending Transformation for many clients.

It has been able to accelerate the lending pace within the Cloud-Based Loan Origination System and improve efficiency and throughput for lenders.

Digilytics has demonstrated the capability of efficiently transforming the Loan Origination Process and experience.

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