The world is evolving with new technology, but the current origination process across lenders in the mortgage industry is cumbersome, lengthy and frustrating. Only 10% of the mortgage industry is intelligent and 90% have not adopted AI in their processes. The typical lending process in the mortgage industry requires around 40% manual intervention, with months as time to offer (from start to finish).

Underpinned by a Secure AI Cloud Platform

Digilytics™ RevEl for Financial Services is a product, more focussed to elevate your revenue, making the lending experience seamless. RevEl for financial services is first of its kind, easy to use AI product for revenue growth, built on the most advanced AI technology.

Mortgage AI UK

RevEl for financial services is built on 3 platform modules

Digilytics™ RevEl for Financial Services, is currently being used by financial institutions, who want to quicken their lending process by reducing time to offer and make the lending journey seamless.

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AI Enabled Enterprise Processes

Banking and financial services, which are at the forefront of consuming new technology, need to become bionic by combining human capability with consumption-friendly Mortgage AI technologies that can easily plug into existing technology. The resulting bionic processes improves customer-facing operations

An example of how to become bionic is to leverage an AI platform that enables deployment of Mortgage AI solutions better, faster, cheaper in financial services enterprises.

There is a rise in Mortgage AI platforms that generate bionic business processes by making AI techniques and technology EASI (Embeddable, Actionable, Simplified, Integrated).

As newer technologies like block-chain and quantum computing evolve, they will have to be integrated into AI technology and at the same time make the technology even EASIer to consume by enterprises.


  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Better broker and colleague experience with fast, efficient, and transparent loan origination. Minimizes human interaction that can lead to errors.

  • Reduce Processing Time and Paper Handling
  • Enables the mortgage industry to automate redundant and manual processes.

  • Fast Time to Offer
  • By implementing platform modules, lenders see a fast time to offer by reducing human error and no loss or searching of files. Automates the entire mortgage origination process and lenders are quickly able to reap the cost saving benefits.

  • Improve Accuracy Rates
  • Using OCR and Machine Learning technology to extract and classify data and information, our platform module delivers high accuracy and reduces error rate significantly compared to manual paper-based process

  • Ease accessibility
  • Improves accessibility of documents amongst employees, especially in remote locations. Increases scalability to handle customers data keeping expenses low.

RevEl for Financial Services

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