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Is AI the future?

Shekhar Dasgupta, Advisor at Digilytics AI talks about crises, technology, and role of AI in the mortgage industry.

Digilytics AI is glad to announce, Shekhar Dasgupta has recently joined as an advisor to the company. Read full press release here, to know more about him.

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Unfolding the Benefits of Intelligent Digital in Mortgages

Achieve significant productivity benefits

Digilytics™ RevEL is first of its kind, ground-breaking technology revolutionizing mortgage origination. It delivers significant productivity improvement benefits using cutting edge AI technology- combining Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

Improve the origination process efficiency

Current origination processes are riddled with numerous hand-offs, sequential processing, and manual document handling. Intelligent Digital addresses these challenges with algorithmic case allocation and digital queue management which drastically improves origination efficiency.

Improve borrower, broker, and colleague experience in addition to improve internal efficiency. The pandemic has triggered a massive increase in digital and remote working. Intelligent digital improves the experience of digital and remote working by providing intelligent assistance and assistive chat support all through the digital journey.

Pre-trained to self-learn over time

Digilytics™ RevEL delivers pre-trained technology for hundreds of mortgage documents, which makes it immediately deployable. Additionally, the self-learning business friendly UX and learning metrics tracker enables easy usage.

Bolt-on to existing technology

Intelligent digital is most effective when it is bolted on to existing technology and leverages historical data. Digilytics™ RevEL is a non-invasive technology that can easily be bolted on to existing origination systems to derive immediate benefits.

Increase in revenue and productivity enhancement

As a result of Intelligent Digital, underwriters can focus attention on case-specific customer servicing, and mortgage lenders can reduce their time to offer, lower cancellations and improve internal collaboration amongst teams.

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